All the Data Points You Need

Give Your Audience Exactly What They Want

Use every relevant data point to analyze what your ideal buyers really want at every step of the buyer journey.
Tailor your marketing activities with what matters most to convert even more of them.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Revenue Team

Craft campaigns that engage better and convert more. Shorten the prospecting time and know how to prioritize active buyers.
Help the success team better retain or upsell your customers.

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that Cost You

Trust in detailed data to learn about what engages more ideal buyers and brings in more revenue.

Make data-driven decisions, plan your marketing budget with insights, and get more returns with less guesswork.

You’re Not Adding a Tool to Your Tech Stack,
You’re Investing in the Outcome

Check how you can grow faster with Albacross.

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Louis Uguen
Growth Manager

We achieved 33% higher conversion rate thanks to Albacross’s real-time website visitor identification and granular intent data.

Albacross is the natural choice to help our 40 BDRs hit the targets of 500 opportunities per month and support our rapid revenue growth.

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Gauvain Thery
International Growth Accelerator Manager

Usually, our conversion rate is at about 6%, and with accounts enriched by Albacross Intent Data, we can get 11% conversion rate. That’s 83% higher.

Albacross Intent Data has become an important part of our Intent Signals project to capture the immediate attention of Tier A+ accounts so that their interest isn’t lost.

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Set Your Revenue Growth on Autopilot

Seamlessly connect, enrich and optimize your existing tech tools with 100+ attributes through native integration.

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can do for you

More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

You're in great company

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More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

You're in great company

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