Gauvain Thery

“We get 83% higher conversation rate with Albacross“

Learn how PayFit uses Albacross Intent Data to notify its SDRs of in-market ideal buyers and achieves 83% higher conversion rate.

“Albacross is a new process, and it pays off.”

Learn how the spend management solution, Spendesk, has increased its sales velocity and sees 33% higher conversion on accounts identified through Albacross.

William Oleksiienko

“After trialling Albacross and finding the data quality much higher, we switched.”

See how sales automation platform, Reply, are generating 60% of all their sales opportunities from anonymous website visitors identified through Albacross.

Kerstin Haas-Maierhofer

“Data makes the difference!”

Find out how Appello Onlinemarketing uses Albacross software to acquire new customers.

Karel Boers

“This is a platform that is simple to use and easy to roll out to Account Managers.”

See how Riwal uses Albacross to boost their website conversion rate and generate new leads for their commercial team which can be attributed to the marketing department.

Albin Stööp

“The ROI isn’t a number, it’s a no-brainer. I think everyone will find their kind of ROI out of Albacross…”

Find out how media agency Zalster uses Albacross software to to acquire new customers.

Mattias Persson

“We’re booking a few new sales meetings every week thanks to leads from Albacross.”

We used analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook and Linkedin. The problem was that none of them told us anything about the actual traffic, which companies are visiting us? What’s the value of the traffic we’re driving to our page? We wanted to understand this.

Yosi Dahan

“It took only two or three days to get him as a customer. This was the second week we used Albacross.”

We wanted a nice addition to our marketing strategy, just to understand who is visiting our website and from which company.

Carlos de Vos

“It’s easy to use and the database is a lot larger than the Dutch company we used before”

First, I used another company from Holland. They were pretty expensive and I was just looking around for other similar products and then I came across Albacross.

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More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
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More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

You're in great company